Nature Storybooks

Reviews of Natural History Picture Books from Walker Books Australia Kookaburra by Claire Saxby, illustrated by Tannya Harricks Inside the CBCA Shortlist Dry to Dry: The Seasons of Kakadu by Pamela Freeman, illustrated by Liz Anelli Two new outstanding picture books in Walker Books (Australia) Nature Storybooks series are Kookaburra and Dry to Dry. Like […]

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Scary Bird & Grump!

Picture Book Highlights from Scholastic Scary Bird by Michel Streich Grump! by Jonathan Bentley Two picture books recently published by Scholastic Australia offer important messages in compelling ways. They both use animal characters and telling humour. With verve and insight, both books share scenarios children that will no doubt encounter. Scary Bird by Michel Streich […]

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Interactive Original Berbay Books

Shapes and Colours by John Canty Whose Bones? by Chihiro Takeuchi Sneaky Shadows by SC Manchild, illustrated by Sam Caldwell Readers, collectors, librarians and book aficionados will recognise John Canty’s beautifully designed and executed illustrations in his new book Shapes and Colours. The concept is deceptively simple but this picture book is a standout and […]

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Fly & The Lost Library by Jess McGeachin

Fly, ​written and​ i​llustrated by Jess McGeachin (published by Puffin Books) has been shortlisted for the 2020 CBCA Awards for New Illustrator. This award aims to recognise and encourage emerging Australian book illustrators. Jess’s second picture book, ​The Lost Library ​has also recently been published. Thank you for speaking to ​PaperbarkWords​, Jess. You’re very welcome! […]

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Three by Stephen Michael King

Inside the CBCA Shortlist “One … two … three. One … two … three. Every day was a skip and a hop for Three.” Three by Stephen Michael King (Scholastic Australia) is a beautifully moving, heart-warming story about gratitude. It is perfectly told for young children – and those who share books with them. It […]

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Bandits by Sha’an D’Anthes

Sha’an D’Anthes is both author and illustrator of the new picture book, Bandits (published by Lothian Children’s Books). Bandits has great visual impact, is set in a slightly futuristic society and looks at significant issues in a highly appealing way. Thank you for speaking to PaperbarkWords, Sha’an. You have such an interesting name and pseudonym […]

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