Running with Ivan by Suzanne Leal

RUNNING WITH IVAN by SUZANNE LEAL Published by Angus & Robertson (HarperCollins Australia) “Take it from me, Leo, at thirteen you can do almost everything. Never forget this. Difficult things, courageous things: they are all possible, even at thirteen. No, especially at thirteen.” (Running with Ivan) Suzanne and I first met while judging the NSW […]

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Christmas Always Comes by Jackie French & Bruce Whatley

Christmas Picture Book Book Review Christmas Always Comes is the tale of a very Australian Christmas. As always, former Australian Children’s Laureate Jackie French tells the story expertly, here with the narrative enhanced through dialogue and lyrical descriptions. Bruce Whatley’s illustrations depict the size, vast distance, colours and dryness of the Australian countryside, with splashes […]

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Cuckoo’s Flight by Wendy Orr

Cuckoo’s Flight (Allen & Unwin) is the third in Wendy Orr’s lauded novels for young people set in Ancient Crete. Thank you for speaking to PaperbarkWords, Wendy. The creation of your three companion novels Dragonfly Song, Swallow’s Dance and Cuckoo’s Flight is a truly remarkable achievement. Did you always intend to write more than one […]

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The History of Mischief by Rebecca Higgie

“I took the people, stories and books I loved, and added magic.” (The History of Mischief) I am awestruck at The History of Mischief, Rebecca Higgie’s debut novel for young people (Fremantle Press). It has an engaging storyline and overarching narrative and a rich backstorybrimming with fascinating, often unexpected, historical information. The skill, complexity and magic […]

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Benevolence by Julie Janson

“She thinks she can be in two worlds and not have to choose.” (Benevolence) Benevolence is a searing, unforgettable work for adults and mature young adults by Julie Janson, a Burruberongal woman of the Darug Aboriginal Nation and award-winning playwright. It is published by Magabala Books. Although not easy to read because of the unconscionable […]

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