Running with Ivan by Suzanne Leal

RUNNING WITH IVAN by SUZANNE LEAL Published by Angus & Robertson (HarperCollins Australia) “Take it from me, Leo, at thirteen you can do almost everything. Never forget this. Difficult things, courageous things: they are all possible, even at thirteen. No, especially at thirteen.” (Running with Ivan) Suzanne and I first met while judging the NSW […]

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The Snow Laundry by Mette Jakobsen

The Snow Laundry by Mette Jakobsen Mette Jakobsen is an excellent writer of literary fiction (The Wingmaker is a standout and I am keen to read her earlier novels) and now has branched into YA with The Snow Laundry, the first in her Tower series (published HarperCollins Australia). Mette begins her guest author post at […]

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Calm, Sleepy, Joyful Books

Calm, Sleepy, Joyful Books Book Reviews by Joy in Books at PaperbarkWords blog Most of these picture books are calm or sleepy books that help children relax and unwind. There is also an empathetic book about a grandma with dementia and a Play School Christmas book. All the books are published by ABC Books, except one by HarperCollins. A […]

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Gus and the Starlight by Victoria Carless

Gus and the Starlight by Victoria Carless Published by HarperCollins Australia Guest author: Victoria Carless Victoria Carless writes about her wonderful middle-fiction novel, Gus and the Starlight for PaperbarkWords. Christmas gift idea Gus and the Starlight is a story about family, friendships and second chances. It’s set in a haunted drive-in movie theatre and features […]

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100 Remarkable Feats of Xander Maze

100 REMARKABLE FEATS OF XANDER MAZE by Clayton Zane Comber (HarperCollins) The 2022 Prime Minister’s Literary awards shortlisted books were announced this week. As a judge in prior years I appreciate how much work and expertise is required by the judges, and work and liaison by coordinators and those submitting books for awards. Congratulations to […]

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The Torrent by Dinuka McKenzie

Author Interview for Joy in Books at PaperbarkWords I am very interested in reading Australian crime, particularly novels by women, since becoming a judge of the Davitt Crime Awards. The Torrent is Dinuka McKenzie’s debut novel. It is well constructed and written and is also unputdownable. Protagonist Detective Sergeant Kate Miles is an original character […]

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Christmas Always Comes by Jackie French & Bruce Whatley

Christmas Picture Book Book Review Christmas Always Comes is the tale of a very Australian Christmas. As always, former Australian Children’s Laureate Jackie French tells the story expertly, here with the narrative enhanced through dialogue and lyrical descriptions. Bruce Whatley’s illustrations depict the size, vast distance, colours and dryness of the Australian countryside, with splashes […]

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