No Words by Maryam Master

No Words by Maryam Master “Words have power.” (No Words by Maryam Master) Maryam Master’s debut children’s novel Exit Through the Gift Shop (illustrated by Astred Hicks) is shortlisted for the 2022 CBCA Book of the Year: Younger Readers category. No Words, her new children’s /middle-fiction novel is equally important and powerful. Not a memoir […]

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self/less by AVIVA

self/less by AVIVA self/less is multidisciplinary artist and musician AVIVA’s debut novel. It is published by Pan Macmillan Australia. In this YA dystopia, 17-year-old Teddy lives a privileged life in Metropolis where creativity is a crime. Following her desire for freedom and change, she turns her world upside down. AVIVA writes about self/less: At its […]

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The Airways by Jennifer Mills

The Airways by Jennifer Mills, published by Picador, Pan Macmillan Australia Literary Fiction, Author Interview “He closed his eyes and concentrated. He inhabited for a time that liminal space between consciousness and unconsciousness, where the mind began to believe it might wander free of the body. He thought of experiences that he could not quite […]

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Instant Karma by Marissa Meyer

“I believe I’m a good person. But what if I’m not?” (Instant Karma) Marissa Meyer is a #1 New York Times bestselling author and one of my favourite international YA writers. She is based in Washington. I reviewed her novels Heartless and The Renegades trilogy in the Weekend Australian: Heartless is an excellent imagining of […]

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A.J. Betts and Rogue

Rogue (Pan Macmillan Australia) continues Hayley’s dystopian story – in a surprising, and very different setting – which began in Hive. Thank you for speaking to PaperbarkWords, A.J. Why have you written a duology? It is unusual to have two books rather than one stand-alone, a trilogy or a longer series. There’s no real reason, […]

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Taryn Bashford and The Astrid Notes

Taryn Bashford has now written and published two YA novels, The Harper Effect and The Astrid Notes (Pan Macmillan Australia). Both are gripping and memorable, dealing with situations that are rarely encountered in Australian YA. Thank you for speaking to PaperbarkWords, Taryn. Thank you so much for having me and for your kind words about […]

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