Metanoia By Anna McGahan

Actor Anna McGahan is well-known for her work on screen in Underbelly: Razor, Anzac Girls, Picnic at Hanging Rock and Glitch and on stage where she played the lead role of writer Charmian Clift in Hydra. She is the niece of awarded author, recently deceased Andrew McGahan and has now written her first book Metanoia, […]

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Ursula Dubosarsky & Ask Hercules Quick

Ask Hercules Quick by Ursula Dubosarsky, illustrated by Andrew Joyner Ask Hercules Quick is a beautifully imagined and composed story by esteemed author Ursula Dubosarsky about Hercules who does odd jobs to save for a box of magic tricks. The story incorporates humour and intrigue and, while complete and satisfying, provides space for children to […]

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Ghost Bird by Lisa Fuller

Ghost Bird is an exceptional YA debut by Wuilli Wuilli woman, Lisa Fuller. It explores the relationship between Stacey and her very different twin Laney, who disappears.  Stacey seems to share some of Laney’s experiences through nightmares and she resolves to find her despite times of deeply unnerving danger. Thank you for speaking to PaperbarkWords, […]

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Thea Astley: Selected Poems

If you like Thea Astley, you will like her Selected Poems (University of Queensland Press). However, arguably the book is more of an academic work rather than a collection of great poems. The poems serve a purpose, to provide an x-ray into her mind. It is an autobiography of her life in intimate moments. The […]

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The Space We’re In by Katya Balen

Katya Balen’s debut novel for young readers The Space We’re In (Bloomsbury) is an exquisite rendition of a family who, while buffeted by life’s trials, look to each other and the beauty and intricacy of the universe for comfort. Frank lost much of his loving parents’ time and attention when he was five and his […]

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Ngiya Yintanga Japarrika By Tiwi College Alalinguwi Jarrakarlinga

Students from the Tiwi Islands, eighty kilometres north of Darwin, have collaborated with the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, Penguin Random House Australia and co-authors David Lawrence and Shelley Ware to create a new illustrated book, Ngiya Yintanga Japarrika, ‘My Name is Japarrika’. Japarrika means the Storm Bird. It follows the story of Kay-Bell who moves from […]

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