Banjo Tully by Justin D’Ath

Author Interview Justin D’Ath writes about Banjo Tully, his new novel for middle readers for PaperbarkWords: Banjo Tully is my lockdown novel. I wrote it in 2020 when I needed a project to put some structure into my days. It isn’t about the pandemic, but that’s what gave me the idea.             Remember how everything […]

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Mindcull by KH Canobi

“God please help me. The questions keep coming, and the chaos won’t stop. I can’t keep track of my words. My mind is flooded with colour and noise. They are drowning me. I’m going to die here.” (Mindcull) Thank you for speaking to PaperbarkWords, K H Canobi. Thanks for having me on your blog, Joy. […]

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