Stellarphant by James Foley

Stellarphant by James Foley Inside the CBCA Shortlist Inside the 2022 CBCA Shortlist Inside the 2022 CBCA Notable Books “So Stella gathered her friends … and together they studied and strengthened, and practiced and prepared … until finally, they were all ready.” (Stellarphant) James Foley puts so much care, generosity, intelligence and talent into his […]

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The History of Mischief by Rebecca Higgie

“I took the people, stories and books I loved, and added magic.” (The History of Mischief) I am awestruck at The History of Mischief, Rebecca Higgie’s debut novel for young people (Fremantle Press). It has an engaging storyline and overarching narrative and a rich backstorybrimming with fascinating, often unexpected, historical information. The skill, complexity and magic […]

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New Australian Poetry

There is some exciting Australian poetry being published at the moment. Vagabond Press is one of the most exciting publishers in the Asia Pacific. It is scooping awards with its strong stable of poets and innovative book design. Vagabond is publishing four collections in July. Enfolded in the wings of a great darkness by Peter […]

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