Interactive Original Berbay Books

Shapes and Colours by John Canty Whose Bones? by Chihiro Takeuchi Sneaky Shadows by SC Manchild, illustrated by Sam Caldwell Readers, collectors, librarians and book aficionados will recognise John Canty’s beautifully designed and executed illustrations in his new book Shapes and Colours. The concept is deceptively simple but this picture book is a standout and […]

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Heads and Tails: Insects by John Canty

Inside the CBCA Shortlist Heads and Tails: Insects (Berbay Publishing) is cleanly and consummately designed to appeal to young children and either elicit or nurture their interest in insects. The form of the clues in the narrative is deliberately repetitive, with every sentence beginning with the word, “I”. The book begins: “I live in a […]

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