Starting Secondary School: The Essential Handbook for every Australian family by Michael Carr-Gregg & Sharon Witt

Starting Secondary School (Penguin Random House Australia) by child and adolescent psychologist and founder of Canteen, Michael Carr-Gregg and experienced teacher and founder of the Resilient Kids Conference, Sharon Witt is a practical, easy-to-read guide. It is aimed at parents with a child entering Year 7 in secondary school but is also useful for parents of children already in Year 7 and further into secondary school.

Even though the school year has begun, the issues covered and advice given are perennial and the book is worth referring back to when particular issues arise throughout the secondary school years.

Thank you for speaking to PaperbarkWords on behalf of Michael and yourself, Sharon. Starting Secondary School goes into more depth about each of the following questions but we appreciate hearing replies from you here that will give a taste of the helpful advice in your book.

What was the collaboration process between…

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