Introducing D’Lila LaRue by Nette Hilton and illustrated by A. Yi, published by Walker Books Australia

The wonderful Nette Hilton has sent this message about her new book for 5-8 year-olds.

My newest book is called ‘Introducing D’Lila LaRue’ and I thought, as I discovered her one day when I was on a book idea journey, that I would love to introduce her to you. She began on a day when I discovered that there were not that many books written about really naughty little kids – or, kids who were called naughty because they always seemed to be on the wrong end of anything that has gone wrong. Like, stopping buses that shouldn’t have been stopped. Or dumping lots of manure in places it wasn’t supposed to be.

D’Lila’s parents are Very Important and are away from home a lot. It’s just as well D’Lila has Nanny-Anny. It was Nanny-Anny’s job to look after D’Lila and it was D’Lila’s job to Keep An Eye On Everything and Do As She Was Told. Sometimes it’s very hard to Do As You Are Told and Keep An Eye On Everything when rather large spiders arrive in the art class. But D’Lila does her best and usually, with Nanny-Anny’s help manages to save the day.

D’Lila LaRue illustrated by A.Yi (Walker Books Australia)

A. Yi completed the art work and did an amazing job as I have never, ever met her and she did all her work from my writing and some suggestions. She is a Very Patient artist, indeed and did a wonderful job of capturing just how D’Lila looks when things go wrong.

As it says in the Blurb on the back of the book: There never was, or ever could be, anyone as delightful as delicious, delirious, darlingest D’Lila LaRue.

There are three of her incredible adventures crammed into one, rather lovely looking, book. My thoughts – it’s a good idea to go and find her and spend some time getting to know her.

Love from Nette HILTON (whose sister is the true Nanny-Anny)

Introducing D’Lila LaRue at Walker Books Australia

Nette Hilton’s website

Please see Magpies magazine November 2019 for my extensive interview with Nette.

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