The Labyrinth by Amanda Lohrey

Congratulations to fine writer Amanda Lohrey for winning the 2021 Miles Franklin award and to Text Publishing.

Book Review

My lingering recollections of The Labyrinth by Amanda Lohrey (Text Publishing) are of place and the nature of the labyrinth.

Erica finds a fibro shack on the sandy, salty, windswept coastline in the hamlet of Garra Nulla. It is a shambled labyrinth but its core is perfectly proportioned. Erica buys the house.

“I have arrived. I have found the place.”

Erica has moved to be near her artist son who is in prison. He is a destructive fantasist intent on remaking the world in his own image. She longs to save him by holding him in a net of her thoughts, with her only distraction the labyrinth of her dreams.

Her land has a wide bare space between the house and the dunes that she calls the gap. Despite harsh conditions this dead space is to be redeemed by human hands.

As children, Erica and her brother Axel…

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