Bush Restaurant

Bush Restaurant, Redfern Sydney

Bush courtyard

Interview with Grant Lawn, chef-owner

Thanks for speaking with PaperbarkWords, Grant.

Bush opened in Redfern in mid 2019 and has survived the pandemic and lockdowns.

How/why do you think you’ve, not only survived, but continued to grow?

We haven’t given up, and we have a good support network.

We’re following our vision to be the best at what we do. This started with our cheeseburger, and has developed into our new dishes.

How has Bush changed from when you opened?

It’s now a restaurant, not a burger store.

We’re now even more part of the community.

Bush is definitely much more ‘bush’-aligned. We keep working on how we can give honour to our name, ‘Bush’.

With the changes and challenges we’ve faced and survived, our roots have gone deeper. We’re stronger and better.

The menu has drastically changed from when we opened. We’ve achieved our aim of having a more refined dinner trade. We now have a liquor licence and we make great coffee – Reuben Hills.

Bush courtyard

What is the Bush ethos?

We focus on using natives and invasives.

‘Native food proliferation – Invasive food obliteration’

‘Our menu is created to celebrate and nurture our unique environment. We focus on native and invasive species in order to do this. We use natives to encourage their adoption, production and admiration. We use invasive species to reduce their numbers, in turn reducing the damage they do to the environment.

A two-pronged attack to help the Bush.’  (Bush website)

What have you enjoyed / learned through the last three years at Bush in Redfern?

We’ve enjoyed creating exciting and inspiring experiences for people, and experiences that people are influenced by.

Making money is very difficult!

Kangaroo loin, tail kroket, lillipillies and roo jus

What are the most popular dishes that you’re serving at Bush at the moment?

Kangaroo loin, tail kroket, lillipilli and a roo jus

Smoked eel pikelets with cultured cream and chilli jam

Smoked eel pikelets with cultured cream & chilli jam

What changes do you expect to see at Bush in the near future?

Even though it’s good now, we always aim for better quality and consistency.

How do people find Bush?

Bush is at 55 George St, Redfern, Sydney

Phone 0432 439966

Book online

Email hello@bush-group.com  

Instagram @bush.sydney

Website Bush Sydney

Grant’s interview with Maddy on Feast 2serFM

‘Bush is about bringing life, green, truth, and happiness to people. We celebrate and nurture life through giving, loving, growing, creating, and feeding’ (Bush website)

Some of the great Bush staff

Interview with Grant Lawn at Bush in 2020

*disclosure: Grant is my son

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